Jeju Loveland

Spontaneously traveled to Jeju, Korea last April 2016 for the Canola Flower Festival. Aside from the wonderful landscape this quiet island offers, it also has… a sex theme park! Jeju Loveland is by far the most interesting theme park I’ve been to. With my dad. Yup. Really funny. He seemed to enjoy himself though! Apparently, this place was the thesis (err, lovechild?) of a bunch of art students years ago. They created all these erotic sculptures to promote the beauty of sexuality.

Here’s a peek at the park:

The favorite photo spot of couples – it’s too cute! Probably my favorite from there (lol wholesome)

Did I mention I was with my dad when we visited this park? So awkward. I kinda separated with him for a bit to take pictures and avoid the awkwardness lol

Imagine going through a long walk…. of this. Pretty much how the whole experience was!

The other images are too NSFW so I’ll just leave the rest to your imagination! There’s still alot of interesting and even more wild pieces there that I wasn’t able to document!

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